How to Accept Credit Cards For Your Online Business

October 18, 2016

You have finally taken the plunge and opened up your very own online business. Now is the time to take it to the next level; no, not by way of expansion, not yet, especially if you are still getting a feel of the business. I’m talking about “modernizing” how your transactions get processed, or simply put, how you let your customers or clients pay you.Whether your business is a start-up, a franchise or an icon in the online industry, if you have shunned away from accepting credit cards, you have significantly limited the successful transactions you could have closed.

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Like it or not, this is the age of the “Plastic”. These types of card and using them is the norm in businesses, be it online or a mall-based business. Almost everyone has this “plastic” and almost everyone uses them to pay for services or buy things, be it as small as a six-pack of canned soda or as “grandiose” as designer apparel.If you still think your business can succeed without accepting credit cards, then you are stuck in the Jurassic era.For those who have seen the light and would like to step into the present, here’s how to accept credit cards for your online business.If you think your online business still does not have what it takes to even toy with the “how to accept credit cards” idea, much less get MasterCard or Visa to give you a minute of their time, start with PayPal or any other online payment facility in your country.

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By opening an account with the likes of PayPal, you can start dealing with clients or customers who wish to transact with you only by using their cards. With PayPal, customers or clients can do the usual “input credit card details here” routine and PayPal will be the one to bridge the gap between you and MasterCard or Visa. It’s that simple.You no longer have to spend countless hours pondering how to accept credit cards or how to get Visa or MasterCard to entrust to you one of those online credit card swipe machines.